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Flu Season Approaching

Its not here, but it’s on the way. Dr. Kelly Cahill with Lourdes Physician Group says flu season usually comes “when we have that first cold snap, usually in September to October, it tends to get rolling.”

Before the flu makes its way through Acadiana, consider getting the flu shot. No, the myths aren’t true, “it does not cause the flu, but it does take about two weeks for the flu shot to kick in.”

Acadiana hasn’t seen the official kick off, but there are a few reports rolling in, “a few reports from several different schools, [but] only a few cases of flu right now.”

So, the best treatment for the flu is to get to a doctor as soon as possible, start medications and be cautious around others.
“Stay home from work, from school, at least till you’re without fever, for about 24 hours and that’s off of medication.”
It comes every year, be prepared. Get your flu shot.