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Focused Fruge: Madisyn Fruge

Church Point, LA (KADN) — The pandemic didn’t slow down Madisyn Fruge’s will to win. The Church Point sophomore pitcher works out six days a week even through a sprained her ankle last weekend. Softball always makes her feel at home.

“On my teams I always had people that are like me and i always fit in,” Fruge said. “Softball was always a place that I always felt safe in. We had a really good starting lineup and a really good defense and it was hard to let that all go after everything started.”
She won eight games to start the season. Madisyn is often the last female athlete working out after school. she pitches and hits.

“They have football boys that will go on the field,” Maisyn said. “They’ll stay late. They will kind of look at me sometimes because I’m still there. Something that I care about I’m going to work hard on it.”

Madison excels to honor her grandfather. He died from prostate cancer 5 years ago.

“I always play for him,” Madisyn said. “I always tell myself. that’s another reason to give 110 percent. Everything I do it is always for him.”

Being so competitive she had to learn she can’t control every element of the game. She got over it. cheering for her teammates.

“If you ask anybody, I”m always going to be the loudest person in the dugout,” Madisyn said. “I’m really positive if there is a mistake.”

She has a couple scholarships offers already. She won’t let this pandemic put a cap on her production or potential.