Former Breaux Bridge Star Continues MLB Dreams Despite COVID-19

Baton Rouge, LA (KADN) — Breaux Bridge’s Javeyan Williams didn’t expect to be back in Louisiana now, but COVID-19 suspended his first Giants Spring Training in Arizona. Now the outfielder is back home working out as much as possible.

being back we can’t get paid it’s basically like the offseason we aren’t playing,” Williams said. “They are kind of giving us a little money just to help us out while we are back home, for the most part, we have to get it how we live to be honest this right here is just a bump in the road.”

After playing at Southern, the Giants drafted Williams in the 22nd round last June. He learned to never quit from watching his dad play softball.

“I worked hard and always had a positive attitude and I always had a positive attitude,” Williams said. “I am just very scrappy I try to score outs any way I can.”