Four Corners Area Revitalization Planned

The intersection at University Ave and Cameron Street better known as the Four Corners area has been considered a high crime area and a place where businesses have a hard time staying open, and now with stores like Shoppers Value closing, area leaders say it’s now time to push harder for redevelopment and change.

“The Four Corners suffers from urban decay,” stated CEO and President of LEDA Gregg Gothreaux.

It used to be the gateway to Lafayette

“Well it used to be where it was the suburbs of Lafayette, so it was the quite the center of town really,” said Four Corners business owner and resident Stephanie Cornay Dugan.

Then years later changed

“It changed when they widened the streets,” said Dugan. “They widened University Avenue and they widened Cameron Street and it took a lot of the businesses and actually forced them to close.”

“Businesses got old, people got old who ran the business and they eventually closed most of them down,” said Gothreaux.

Now the chance to make change is in the works with a new development rehabbing the old Coca Cola plant.

“This will become 40 apartments,” said Dugan.

40 units with leasing preferences to artist with community spaces and amenities.

It’s an opportunity some say will unite the Four Corners community.

“A combination of jobs and pride is strong, it’s what people need to take control of their neighborhood and get it back to where it needed to be said,” Gothreaux.

While developers prepare and plan, the community is excited to see a new look and feel in the near future.

” We’ll be ready, we are ready,” said Dugan.