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Freshman Focus: Sienna Stelly

Cecilia, LA (KADN) — Sienna Stelly is racing through the third week of Cecilia preseason volleyball workouts. She’s a freshman and is benefiting from the extra attention from the small groups they are in because of social distancing. today freshman group has six people.

“with more freshmen, I am more comfortable with them,” Sienna said. “If I was with the older girls I would have more pressure.”

“The first day that I saw her she came in and gave it 100 percent,” Cecilia Head Volleyball Coach Jasmine Narcisse said. “Every, every exercise she executed to the full potential. 100 percent. there’s something special about her.”

Sienna started playing volleyball in 7th grade. Her stepmom inspired her to play. Her stepmom wanted to be a college volleyball player but she was pregnant and never got the chance.

“It feels good,” Sienna said. “It feels like I can continue to do what she loves the most and I’m following in her footsteps.”

She’s never been in a fight in school, but one day in middle school volleyball made her look like a boxer instead.

“Me and my friend went for the ball at the same time and I smashed into her knee and people thought I had been in a fight,” Sienna said.

She’s shuffling forward to stay on top of her game, and she’s ready to gulp down success.