Baby Matters

Getting to know your baby…before birth with Sneak Peek Ultrasound

In this week’s Baby Matters, we visited Sneak Peek Ultrasound! At this facility, some expectant parents get to meet their babies for the very first time.

Owner Lynn Hays explained that the latest technology gives parents the chance to get to know their baby before their big arrival,”With the 4D Ultrasound you see the facial features, you see the fingers, you see the toes and you just see all the little fine details of the baby.” Ultrasound techs can even estimate your baby’s weight, what position he or she is in and if your little one is already growing hair. “There’s really not much that we can’t tell between the regular 2D dimension ultrasound where we can see the entire inside of the body meaning skeletal system, the vascular system, the brain and then the 4D ultrasound where we can see the whole entire outside,” said Hays. Parents can even see their baby in what some call 5D ultrasound, “We can move a virtual light source all around the baby to get shadows and different angles. It’s a lot more realistic looking than even the traditional 4D.”

About 30 to 40 expectant parents go in and out of Sneak Peek’s doors each week. “We’ll do the early ultrasounds just so somebody can see that they are pregnant and maybe hear the heartbeat. We’ll do that as early as nine or 10 weeks gestation. After that, we do the 13 week gender determination, at that point we love to tell people that the baby is the size of a crawfish. That’s our best analogy. It weighs about three or four ounces at that point. Then later on in the pregnancy is when we tell people to come back and do their 4D images and for that we recommend 27 to 34 weeks gestation,” said Hays. The viewing room is even big enough to fit at least 15 family members comfortably. Hays said one thing to keep in mind before an ultrasound is to drink plenty of water, “We recommend to our customers to drink a gallon of water every day for two to three weeks leading up to their appointment. The more water mom drinks, the more amniotic fluid she’ll create around the baby and then the better images we’re going to be able to get.”

She explained while they do reach out to your OBGYN if something is abnormal, Sneak Peak is a non-diagnostic facility. Hays said it’s all for fun, “That moment when you tell somebody that they’re having a boy or they’re having a girl, the reaction is absolutely priceless.

Sneak Peek Ultrasound is open Monday through Saturday, and most Sundays.