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Homeless Man Warms Hearts With an Act of Kindness, Community Thanks Him by Keeping Him Warm During Cold Snap

Here at News 15 we have a story that will warm your heart on this cold night.

One homeless man isn’t sleeping in the woods tonight after a stranger captured him being selfless to help another person out.

Early Monday morning Scott Landry saw a man and a young woman trying to fix a flat tire at a RaceTrac. He later learned that the man Randy Head, a man who has been living in the woods, volunteered to help the woman because she needed help.

He was so touched by the good deed that he took a couple pictures and posted to Facebook talking about the touching moment.

Landry’s Facebook post wrote:
So I’m at RaceTrac at 2:45 AM when I woke up this morning getting gas and coffee when I notice a guy changing a tire with a scissor jack and I ask him if he wants to use my floor jack. When I get down and start helping out, I realize that the old man is on the bicycle and he is helping the woman in the car. I chit chat with him as he is paying to fill the ladies tire up and I ask him if he lives around there. He says he lives in a tent in the woods behind the store. Just to recap, an old white homeless man on a bike was paying out of his own pocket to air up and change the tire of a young black girl. The world ain’t all bad. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

“He was just doing this out of the kindness of his heart and not asking for anything in return,” said Landry.

To Landry this act of kindness was huge, but to Head he said he doesn’t see it as anything special.

“I just did what any other person would do. I helped a women who needed help. I’d hope someone would do the same for my daughter,” said Head. “There’s nothing special about it.”

With the outpouring help from strangers and new friendship with Landry, Head will be staying in a hotel this week.

This is a blessing he says he couldn’t be more grateful for.

“The creature comforts I’ve home a nice soft bed a TV where you can watch the news oh that’s priceless for homeless person,” said Head.

Landry hopes this single story can warm hearts and be the fire for change.

“I hope this can bring some awareness to the homeless problem that we have out here and that maybe some people will reach out to others instead of just driving by,” said Landry.

This is a story that goes full circle. Where the community comes together to keep a man warm who continues to warm hearts with his acts of kindness.