Hotel Cazan Offering Help to Those Affected by Flooding in Mississippi

“It’s great that Hotel Cazan is helping out people from another community, another state,” Krazy Cajun owner Don Secia.

Valerie Cahill is no stranger to what the people of Jackson Mississippi are experiencing.

“We went through Katrina and it was devastating, said Cahill. “We know what it is to have that homeless feeling, and not know if your home is still there.”

The New Orleans native is ready to help those in need of a place to stay.

“Even though it’s Mardi Gras, even though we have event pricing, we’re willing to let the evacuees from Mississippi if they can prove they’re from there from the affected area, we’re gonna give them our regular rates, we’re gonna take care of them,” said Cahill. “We know how tender you feel when you are at risk of losing everything.”

Other business owners on 6th Street are inspired by what Hotel Cazan is doing and want to help too.

“You can come in here, you can stay at the hotel, come in here and eat if money is an issue, you don’t worry about it,” said Secia. “You just come see me and I’ll take care of you.”

Cahill says that’s just what Mamou is all about.

“On a part of these people in Evangeline Parish, you can’t know how hospitable we’re gonna be, a small town can really step up,” stated Cahill.

Mamou residents say if they can help just one person affected by the pearl river floods, they’ve been successful.

“Keep your head up and if you happen to come to this community, you’ll be welcomed with open arms,” said Secia.

Cahill says that not only is the hotel pet friendly they will also be accepting FEMA help once residents of impacted areas begin to get assistance.