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‘In God We Trust’ law goes into effect 2019-2020 school year

Now that a new school year has begun, there’s a new law in effect.

All Louisiana Public School’s are required to publicly display the words “In God We Trust” somewhere on the property and have to teach the students the history behind how those words came about on our currency and other government documents.

“It is the thread of our country.”

For Senator Regina Ashford Barrow “In God We Trust” is much more than a statement on our currency. That’s why she introduced Bill 224 last spring.

“So many of the requirements that are being put on the teachers especially around high state testing I felt this was something getting lost in the loop and being that we have it on our money I thought that it was important that we have it displayed where people can see it but also so they can understand the purpose and reason behind why this was actually created.”

Some may argue it’s projecting the Christian faith through the public school system, but Senator Barrow. says this law is all about our country’s history.

“It’s more about the content of how the wording came about.”

The law allows the school system to decide they’re approach. It could be an extravagant sign or just on a laminated piece of paper.

Lafayette Parish School System is taking a more creative route. Jennifer Gardner, Chief Administrative Office for the school system says, “What we did is in the spring the Southside High carpentry class went ahead and designed these signs on the computer and the router system that we have actually cut out all of the signs and made them. And then the paint department is going to sand it down and paint them.”

It’s teaching students a lesson along the way.

Gardner says, “Taking something that we need to do and making it our own and how important is that everybody feels special when you make it your own. I could have just printed out 46 sheets of paper and said hey guys hang it up in your offices but the student pride to be able to make something.”

LPSS says they plan to put those signs up in all of their 46 schools within the next few weeks.

The law has no penalty for a school or school system that does not display the country’s motto but it is a legal requirement.