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Inspire The Young Filmmaker In Your Life With The Help Of AOC

“One of AOC’s missions is to educate the community and what better way to do that than with school aged children, to teach them all the tools they would need to create their own production.”said Mary Baudoin, Marketing Director at AOC.

In this case, it’s all about animation.

“Animation is a field that is continuously growing and it’s something that’s so popular with the youth you know they’ve seen all the movies and they know where they want to take their ideas.” said AOC Education Coordinator, Christy Tracie, “It’s becoming more and more popular.”

Animation has become so popular, the AOC has brought back the camp for the third year in a row.

“The kids, they really enjoy seeing their creations come to life.” said Tracie, “They plan out the entire process from the storyboard all the way to the editing.”

Aside from animation, in a brand new camp, kids will actually be behind the camera learning to make their own short films.

“I think with the film-making camp, it’ll be really exciting to see the end result.” said Baudoin, “The two films that they’ll produce will be eligible for the southern screen film festival.”

The Ready-Set-Make Camp is in partnership with LCG’s CREATE initiative and the Southern Screen Film Festival, the kids will learn all about the different aspects of production and get expert help.

“All of the sponsors involved really have an investment in the local film economy in Lafayette and we all have a focus on the youth.” said Tracie.

AOC isn’t just nurturing an art form, the camps are sparking creativity in what could be the next generation of filmmakers.

“It’s not just a camp to occupy time but we are really looking for and focusing on the quality of camp and the education that they can take away from it so really it’s a win win for everyone.” said Baudoin.

To enroll in these camps, click here.

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