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Isaiah Norwood: Focus for Success

Lafayette, LA (KADN)– With his gym closed because of COV-19, Isaiah Norwood outsourced his workout to Giraud Park.

“To avoid staying home and getting that inside air wanted to get outside and get some fresh air and have some fun,” Norwood said. “Just stay healthy exercise and work out.”

Isaiah played football at Lafayette High School. However, he gave it up to focus on his grades. Afterward, he got straight A’s and went to Morehouse so it paid off. Now he is a youth football coach for kids ages nine to twelve 9-12. He tells his players they should balance football and schoolwork better than he did.

“My mind was on football all day long,” Norwood said. “I realized at a certain point that I had to focus on something greater if I wanted to do more than just football. Football is a great avenue, but there are a lot of things in life bigger than just football.”

Norwood insisted he is not trying to encourage kids to quit any sports league, just don’t neglect their grades.

“You have to make up your mind what is serving you and what isn’t serving you,” Norwood said. “I love the game of football, but it might not always serve you. It all depends on your personal choice and what serves you in that situation.”

Isaiah is helping kids push out apathy and race towards their dreams.