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‘It Is Just Like Toilet Paper’ Pandemic Causes Bike Shortage in Acadiana and the United States

First, toilet paper and hand sanitizer flew off shelves. Now bikes are selling fast across the country and even here in Acadiana.

During this pandemic many people have felt cooped up inside for just too long, that’s why a lot of people are strapping in their helmets and wanting to go for a ride.
But is you don’t already have a bike you are likely to have a hard time because everyone had the same idea.

It’s an endless cycle of phone calls at Hub City Cycles from people all looking for the same thing.

“I’m looking to see if you have any bikes in stock,” said one customer.

But with every call the owner Megan Arceneaux the owner has the same answer.

“No, but I can pre-order you some,” said Arceneaux. “We’re getting a lot of calls the phone doesn’t stop.” “

Since the pandemic started two months ago Hub City Cycles have sold more than 250 bikes.

“I would sell maybe 300 bikes a year so in the last two months I’ve almost met my quota for the year,” said Arceneaux. “Everybody across America wants a bike.”

With the high demand for bikes and the China productions halted its casing a chain reaction. Finding a bike in Acadiana or really anywhere across the United States is hard to come by.

“I tell people and they laughed they don’t believe me that they have to pre-order their bikes,” said Arceneaux. “Just think about it when we went to the store right when Covid hit. It’s just like toilet paper. There’s only so much. We are limited with how much we’re getting.“

Now according to the N.P.D. Group a market research company Sales of commuter and fitness bikes in March increased by 66 percent, leisure bikes jumped 121 percent, children’s bikes went up 59 percent and electric bikes rose 85 percent.

The guys in the back are constantly repairing bikes are tightening bolts and inflating tires.

“We’ve been slammed,” said Dustin Gaspard. “As much as we breathe we are doing repairs right now.”

Gaspard says he understands why so many want to go out and ride.

“I think sunshine is the best healing we can get and the bike help you with,” said Gaspard.

Because I’d the popularity you’ll more than likely have to preorder a bike if you’re going to buy one.

“I promise you if you’re patient you will be on two wheels before you know it.”

The cruisers are the most popular for this shop so far but pretty much everything has been in high demand.

Arceneaux says it’s the high demand that’s making them essential during this pandemic.

“We’re just rolling with it,” said Arceneaux.

So if you plan to buy a bike you better order it now, because it’ll take 4 to 5 weeks to order but if you wait longer you could be waiting till the end of summer.