A bill is making its way through the legislature now demanding products like cauliflower rice and almond milk re-brand. The so-called rice is being targeted by farmers for mislabeling the product. Louisiana farmer Micheal Fruge isn’t so fond of cauliflower rice identifying themselves as rice. The consumer think that their getting rice or that there’s rice in it and actually there’s not. it’s just rice needs to be apart of it for it to be called rice. there isn’t any actual rice in the cauliflower rice which is causing an uproar to farmers all over the world as false advertisement.we’re competing with rice from around the world we export about 50 percent of what we grow so that’s enough competition we don’t need to compete with other commodities that call themselves rice.and as they call themselves rice some people believe that it could be beneficial.sounds like a healthier alternative to rice and it sounds fresh. senate bill 152 is still pending but it prohibits the mis-labeling of products such as cauliflower rice and almond milk. we stick to our story with rice i’m all for cauliflower people telling or cauliflower industry telling there story we can even work together and tell it together but if it’s rice it’s rice and if it’s not it not. were still unsure as to what will happen with the senate bill but local farmers are in hopes for it to pass.