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JB Sandoz In Opelousas To Call It Quits After More Than 140 Years In Business

After more than 140 years in business, J.B. Sandoz, a general hardware store in Opelousas is closing it doors.

“It’s been here for so long. I mean 140 years.” said Anne Barron who has shopped at Sandoz her whole life.

“It just breaks my heart.” added Benoit.

As J.B. Sandoz prepares to say goodbye, lifetime shoppers like Barron and Benoit continue to support them

“I know the bigger stores like Lowes and Home depot and all of that, has taken somewhat of their business. It’s the people. It’s a generation of Sandozs that have come to make shopping here worth it.” said Barron.

“If you needed a gift, you could run in here and get the gift and it was all rapped for you. You didn’t have to worry about it.” added Benoit.

It’s not just the hard-to-find items that are always in stock.

Barron says the employees also make shopping at J.B. Sandoz a one of a kind experience.

“I hate to see this for the employees, cause some of them have been working here for 30-40 years maybe.” explained Barron.

Joseph Boast has worked at J.B. Sandoz for 35 years.

“Things have been getting slow for awhile so i kinda expected it after a period of time. I was hurt but you gotta go on.” said Boast.

Barron knows that when the store closes it doors, there will be nothing to replace it.

“You can talk to the people about what you want and they are friendly, carry a conversation with them and that the public should come and get stuff that they would like because they wont find it again.” said Barron.

“We really appreciate our customers. over the years, We’ve had a great time but it was just time to call it quits.” said Boasts.

J.B. Sandoz has already begun its going out of business sale, which means 20 percent off of all purchases.

The store will not officially close until it sells all of its inventory.