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Justice For Unsolved Murder Victims Brings Juvenile Crime To Forefront Of Discussion In Abbeville

An organization, called Justice For Unsolved Murder Victims is aiming to bring juvenile crime to the forefront of the discussion in Abbeville.

They wanted to raise awareness to city officials that some kids who are walking to school are doing so with weapons they’re hiding before reaching campus with the intention to commit a crime later.

“It’s just young people that want to be in the spotlight that’s why we are here. They don’t even know why they are doing it.” said Marilyn Mitchell.

“We need to find a solution that’s why we are here.” added Steven Menard, who is the founder Justice For Unsolved Murder Victims.

Menard pointed that juvenile gang activity is rising in Abbeville.

For Police Chief Bill Spearman, it’s a problem he knows all too well.

“They’re being recruited by older brother, older sister to get into these gangs and do these problems so we need to let them know there’s another path to take other than this criminal life.” explained Chief Spearman.

The discussion arrived at a multi-part solution, the first one: expanding the discussion.

“Everybody gets involved, the sheriff’s office, the city, even the football players at the school and all of the athletes take a part in this, let’s hear from them.” said Menard.

Mitchell, who has had stray bullets enter her home adds that the city needs to invest in more technology to help police.

“The police don’t have eyes everywhere, but the city needs to upgrade, update this city to the 21st century put cameras and then we can see what’s going on with these children.” said Mitchell.

Mitchell believes its slowing the city’s progress.

“Too much gun violence, too many people getting killed, too many elderly people can’t sleep because of this going on.” said Mitchell.

The group wants to coordinate with the school board to plan a meeting to bring the whole community together to discuss juvenile crime.