Keeping Your Pet Safe During the Holiday Season

One thing most loved about the holiday season is the gift of giving, but while the holiday season may be in full swing we must remember our little four legged friends may also want in on some of our table food and treats. Local vets say while some foods are ok, there are many to be cautious of. They say there are several signs you should look for to know if your pet is sick. Dr. Jim Carson IV of Carson Veterinary Clinic says, “A common thing that we see is vomiting and diarrhea, which can progress to dehydration which is when the vomiting and diarrhea in themselves are a problem, but it’s not as big as the dehydration that can come from that. Pancreatitis is another one, our pancreas is responsible for producing digestive enzymes and sometimes these high fatty meals are people food, those enzymes get activated in the pancreas and so it gets really angry.” According to doctors from the clinic they expect to see many food related cases this holiday season.