KidLit Pick

STUDIO 15- This week’s KidLit Pick of the Week is “Wild Honey” from the Moon By Kenneth Kraegel.

This is an epic adventure of a determined mother who will stop at nothing to find a cure for her ailing young son — even if it means traveling to the moon itself.

Directions for Garden Bee Skep:
1. First wrap your rope around the base of your plastic container and hot glue where the two pieces meet.
2. Continue to glue the rope pieces together in a continuous circular motion. Don’t skip a spot- you want it to be bonded together strong so it will last.
3. At the halfway point, use a knife to loosen your rope form from the container.
4. Next, start gluing the rope moving closer to the center with each turn of your mold so that the rope eventually forms a dome. Leave a small hole at the top.
5. Finally, cut your rope leaving about 11/2″ tail. Glue the tail end of the rope inside the skep to form a loop at the top.
6. You can either cut a hole in the side of the skep or use a sharpie and color a black hole if you are just using it as decoration to your board.

Supply List: Rope, plastic container, knife, hot glue, black marker.