KidLit Pick: A Time to Fly

This week’s KidLit Pick of the Week is A Time to Fly: The Story of Annie the Butterfly By Nancy Cartie. It was a perfect sunny day in Nana’s garden when Annie and her friends turned into butterflies. All flew off, but not Annie. Annie the Butterfly stayed with Nana for two whole weeks until she was ready to fly.

Inspired by true events, this is a heartwarming story of transformation, love, courage, confidence, and discovery of one’s timely potential. The theme—a time for everything—encourages us to trust the process of self-discovery.



  1. Cut fabric in half to have two sets of 3 yards.
  2. Draw a 1/2 of a figure “8” on one half of the fabric and another 1/2 of figure “8” on the other opposite fabric with chalk.
  3. Cut out “wings”.
  4. Paint wings with acrylic paint.
  5. Take top of each wing and fold down to enclosed dowel. Close pocket for dowel with peel and stick fabric fuse.
  6. Insert dowel into pockets.
  7. Hot glue elastic onto a black patch or foam sheet to make arm straps once paint is dry.
  8. Put wings on and FLY!

Supply List: 6 yards of black fabric, acrylic paint/paintbrushes, 2 dowels 36″, peel and stick fabric fuse, black patch or foam sheet, black elastic, hot glue gun, and chalk.