KidLit Pick: Girl Power

STUDIO 15 – This week’s KidLit Pick of the Week is My Super Hero Mind by Jaina Thatch and illustrated by Mernie Gallagher-Cole.

This is a story of Princess Superhero who can be anything she wants. She has superhero powers that are aren’t like your typical superheroes. Her superpower allows her to be an independent, strong-willed young woman with good morals and a kind nature.

This book will encourage young girls to strive for whatever their hearts desire. The author seeks to teach young girls everywhere about how looks, clothes, and make-up won’t change the world. They can change the world with what the superpowers that they are born with.



  1. Print wording of choice on a letter size paper.
  2. Take two complimentary markers and color on Ziplock or paper protector.
  3. Spray water 2-3 times on colored Ziplock/paper protector.
  4. Take paper and flip onto Ziplock/paper protector (word-side down onto drawing). .
  5. Remove paper from Ziplock/paper protector and bolt with a paper towel if necessary.
  6. Frame artwork.