KidLit Pick: Mardi Gras Edition

In this week’s KidLit Pick this story is based on the favorite childhood tale “The Gingerbread Man.” The author uses Creole characters and familiar locations in New Orleans to introduce a repetitive story about a runaway baby…that escapes from the prized King Cakes being baked in time for Mardi Gras.

Great for fans of fairy tales. Includes a recipe for king cakes!


King Cake Door Hanger Supplies: Thick white foam board, cutting tool, sandpaper, acrylic paint (purple, green, yellow, white, light tan), foam brushes, iridescent glitter, spray adhesive, assorted ribbon.

  1. Draw the shape of the outline of a king cake on foam board and cut it out. If you want the edges to be rounded and smooth, you can use some light sandpaper to smooth it out.
  2. Next, paint the light brown “bread” part of your king cake and let it completely dry.
  3. Then paint the white icing on the king cake but don’t completely cover all of brown “bread” you’ve painted.
  4. After the icing is completely dry, paint purple, green and gold icing sections over the white icing. Try not to completely cover all the white icing.
  5. Once the paint is completely dry, spray a thin layer of spray adhesive over the colored icing parts of your king cake and sprinkle with glitter.
  6. Drill two holes into the top of your king cake and weave the ribbon through the holes to hang it. Add a Mardi Gras bow to finish it off!