KidLit Pick: New Year’s Edition

STUDIO 15 – This week’s KidLit Pick of the Week is THE SERIOUS GOOSE written and illustrated by Jimmy Kimmel.

In this book, readers get to meet a very Serious Goose that refuses to smile or laugh. There is nothing silly about this goose. You CANNOT make her laugh,smile, or be less serious.

Author, Jimmy Kimmel, challenges young readers to bring the silly out of a very Serious Goose and the end has a funny mirror for children to make faces at to make this no-nonsense goose smile. It reminds us to be silly in a serious way and is a delightful read-aloud guaranteed to create giggles every time you read it!

Kimmel’s proceeds from sales of THE SERIOUS GOOSE will be donated to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) and children’s hospitals around the country.

What I love about this book:

  • Clever read with a fun twist.
  • Great read for the new year to inspire kids to smile more and help others to
    smile. Do things that are fun, silly, and to just “be a kid”.
  • Inspired by Jimmy’s nickname for his kids, Goose, and is dedicated to his
    little ones Jane and Billy.
  • Great to help kids identify and talk about emotions and facial expressions.
  • Love the mirror page to make readers get silly.