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KidLit Pick Of The Week

STUDIO 15- This week’s KidLit Pick of the Week is the MVP KIDS curriculum series.

MVP KIDS is a curriculum consisting of a book series and product line of educational tools created to nurture a child’s character and to equip parents, teachers and caregivers with inspiring literature that addresses Social Emotional Learning. MVP KIDS® represent a wide range of ethnic and cultural diversity that create a world where children can see themselves, but also learn from others who are different from themselves.

What I love about the series:

· MVP Kids® span diverse cultures, ethnicities, religions, family situations, physical challenges, education and professions. Some are the only child in their family, others have large families. Some are recent immigrants, others date to the Pilgrims.

· Self-Awareness

· Responsible Decision-Making

· Self-Management

· Social Awareness

· Relationship Skills

Here’s the directions on how to make a “Fall Topiary” with Elise Colomb.

Materials needed:
Styrofoam cone
Small Decorative Pumpkins
Green moss
Glue gun
1- Glue pumpkins and pinecones side by side starting
from the bottom. Just do the best you can to make them
fit, but don’t worry if there’s a small space left.
2- After the cone is covered with pumpkins and
pinecones, take a pinch of moss and glue it in between
each empty space. Continue until the entire cone is
3- Next, tie your ribbon into a bow and glue it to the top
of your topiary.
You can let the tails of the bow hang loosely or you can
lightly tack them down in a “wavy” motion.

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