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KidLit Pick Of The Week

STUDIO 15- This week’s KidLit Pick of the Week is the “Loving Hands by Tony Johnston and Amy June Bates.

This is a lovely picture book that will make a forever keepsake in your library. The book starts with small moments and quiet scenes that make up childhood — learning to clap, planting a garden, waving good-bye on the first day of school. It continues as the young boy character reaching for his mother’s hand as he grows older and then becoming more independent.

As the book ends, he can be the one to offer love and support with hands that say, I am here for you always. An eloquent look at the passage of time and the power of connection and care, this book is a heartfelt gift for loved ones at any and all milestones in life.

Memory Basket Supply List:
-100 feet of rope
-Hot glue gun with glue
1-Turn can upside-down and start in the middle creating a spiral with end of rope. Glue together with hot glue.
2-Once you have created a flat circle the size of the bottom of the can, then work your way up gluing the rope wrapping around can.
3-As you reach the top, glue the end onto the circle.

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