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King Cake Crawl: Keller’s Bakery of Youngsville

Every Tuesday leading up to Mardi Gras we’ll feature a bakery and their king cake. This week Megan Woods spent Tuesday morning at Keller’s Bakery of Youngsville to see how they make sure their king cakes are different from the rest.

For Keller’s Bakery of Youngsville Mardi Gras turns up the heat in the kitchen. Co-owner Doug Shores says it’s their busiest time of year. “We come in at midnight and we have to do 500 a day just make sure our order is packed and get some from the front.”

But Shores says he doesn’t mind. He takes pride in their  cake’s two-hour baking process. “We use a Danish pastry. It’s a flaky, thin, buttery pastry. We hand-make all our fillings. We choose to decorate them with the sprinkles instead of the sugar.”

A detail to ensure customers like Raysha Boudreaux can appreciate their handmade fillings.  She says, “It’s my favorite time of year because of that. It’s like taking a bite of Heaven.”

To be specific, a strawberry cream cheese-filled heaven. Boudreaux explains, “The strawberry cream cheese is my favorite, I haven’t been able to find one that tastes that good in town at all. it kind of…it just melts in your mouth.”

Reviews like that are what remind Shores why he continues his grandfather’s Mardi Gras baking tradition. “Just to know that they (customers) had something special, handmade, something they’re not going to get anywhere else.”

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