King Cake Season Begins

The lines are long this new year here at Meche’s which signifies the start of an annual tradition, where I got the chance to learn all about king cakes.

A tradition that started with a baby.

“King Cake, it starts on the epiphany, January 6th, Mardi Gras season, that’s when the Wiseman found the baby Jesus,” said Meche’s baker Nicole Domingue.

As Mardi Gras season approaches, places like Meches’ are busy and have already begun making their signature king cakes.

“The tradition is whoever gets the baby in the cake has to buy the next cake,” said Domingue.

I even got a chance to experience what goes into making this yummy traditional treat.

Lafayette area residents made sure I knew what I was in for.

“They make the best over here at Meche’s,”said Lafayette resident Zach Judice.”It’s like a big doughnut that’s stuffed with goodness.”

Staff at Meche’s say that they are grateful for their customers and do all they can to make their king cakes special.

“I mean we come in early in the mornings, but when you hear somebody saying that this is the only place they’ll get a doughnut or a king cake,”said Domingue. “It definitely makes it worth while.”

So what does a newbie have to look forward to this Mardi Gras season?

“A lot, there’s a lot of parades and you can go through downtown parades in this area, they even some that are the old, traditional Mardi Gras run where they chase the chicken, they dress up like the traditional Mardi Gras runners,” said Domingue.

So with all this colorful, doughy, sweet and stuffed goodness, of course I had to try it for myself.

They were right, so sweet, and moist, so good. I look forward to learning everything about Mardi Gras season.