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Knighting a New Career: Kason Knight

Youngsville, LA (KADN) — The pandemic ended Breaux bridge senior Kason Knight’s last baseball season. But the second baseman still has games left in a new position. He’s the head coach for Louisiana Drillers 16 and under team.

“These guys are my family so when I had the opportunity to come back and coach for them of course I jumped on it.” Kason said. “I feel like myself again coaching these guys.”

Nagging injuries hampered Kason’s senior season so he was the designated hitter for Breaux bridge. Still he always felt called to coach. He took over this team from his dad in 2014. He died from stomach cancer at just 42 years old. He started the team.

“He left a really good mark on these kids. All the guys that knew him they loved him,” Kason said. “They would walk through fire for them and just having a piece of that through me really inspires me for this.”

He’s been coaching kids younger than him since he was ten years old. Kason is only seventeen so the younger kids say he’s easy go relate to.

“With my catcher he worked really hard but he never really stood out above the rest,” Kason said. “His mom texted me at the end of the season and said he never really had a coach that believed in him like you did and that really got to me.”

“He’s seventeen years old doing what adults should do,” catcher Trevor Huvao said. “He does what he is supposed to. He is a great coach and he wins ball games.”

Kason says he’s done playing competitive baseball but he’ll keep stepping in the batter box of his dad’s legacy and following through coaching the next generation.