Lafayette Council Spearheads New Initiative “Prevent Death Lafayette” To Tackle Gun Violence Involving Black Males

A Lafayette Councilman is taking a new approach to ending gun violence in his community.

At last night’s meeting, Councilman Kenneth Boudreaux announced a new initiative called prevent death Lafayette and it’s all about ending the trend of homicides that disproportionately affect black males.

“Everything that is not good about Lafayette seems to be isolated to an area, a particular community.” he said.

Boudreaux says the city of Lafayette can no longer sit idly as black men die from gun violence.

“It’s time that when a black boy dies. Lafayette feels it to the degree that it is no longer going to be status quo. It’s no longer going to be a night of news coverage and then return to business as usual.” said Boudreaux.

While offering few specifics, Boudreaux said prevent death Lafayette will focus on changing the environment that allows these tragedies to occur.

He believes it will take everyone from residents to organizations and businesses.

“Culture, recreation, entertainment, arts, tourism and economy are all impacted.” said Boudreaux.

To prove his point, Boudreaux referenced how Lafayette created a no kill shelter.

He explained how the city adjusted its adoption hours and rates and expanded spay and neuter program to do this.

His vision for prevent death Lafayette is that taking a proactive approach to reducing gun violence in the black community.

“We’re truly going to make Lafayette a great city. It can not simply be by carving out these and creating cavities within our city limits and isolating those and leaving them to die.” said Boudreaux

Boudreaux says he also plans to have a town hall meeting in july but a date and time have yet to be determined.