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Lafayette fertility clinic offers grant to cover IVF treatment

A Lafayette fertility clinic is looking to help restore hope for one Louisiana couple who is running into medical and financial roadblocks to have a baby.

They’re taking applications for a grant that will cover one cycle of in vitro fertilization.

The program is called Gift of Hope. One in 8 American couples struggle with infertility each year. Not all insurance covers treatment. That’s why Fertility Answers is trying to make what once seemed impossible for a couple, possible.

“It’s just hope that they have another chance to have a baby.”

Fertility Answers tries to make the dreams of having a baby come true for couples who may be dealing with some type of infertility.

Amelie Storment is the marketing director for the fertility clinic, she says, “The stories are heartbreaking people trying for years to have a baby they may have had multiple miscarriages multiple ectopic pregnancies, they may have done lots of treatment.”

A cycle of IVF could cost an estimated $15,000 to $18,000. A lot of times that’s not covered by insurance. That’s why Gift of Hope was created in 2006.

Susan Conway, M.D. at Fertility Answers says, “There’s nothing like the feeling of being able to tell somebody who has been trying to get pregnant and has been struggling with it fertility that they’re finally pregnant.”

It’s a feeling the first Gift of Hope recipients John and Laura Hughes know very well. Thirteen years ago is when Laura found out she was pregnant with her daughter Hope.

“We’re so grateful, we can’t thank them enough,” John Hughes says.

Laura Hughes says, “You really can’t say thank you enough, it’s not something saying thank you is enough because how do you thank somebody for a child.”

Applying was a last minute decision and Laura knows others who need the grant may feel the same way they did. “It’s okay to talk about it it’s okay to have that fear to apply that fear of what if.”

Laura says if they weren’t hopeful their daughter wouldn’t be here today. “This was the path for us to be on. This was a gift. There was absolutely no way we could have done it and we have our Hope.”

They promised hope they will all travel the 50 states together and so far they’re at 42.

Since the grant started in 2006 17 couples were awarded which resulted in 7 babies.

Click here to read requirements and apply. The deadline to apply is May 24, 2019. Gift of Hope is an annual program.