Lafayette military sergeant gifted free housing for a year

An unexpected gift for an unexpected Lafayette active military member.

For one year free, a two-bedroom two-bathroom home at Park Place Apartments, including cable and internet installed, and some furniture provided as well as appliances donated, will be the space for Louisiana Army National Guard Federal Technician, Sgt. Jontre Mitchell.

“Just talking to him and getting to know him going through this process, I I think what makes me the most proud is that he is the type of person that will one day return the favor to someone else,” said Cagan’s Management Group’s Park Place Apartments Property Manager, Hanna Dockery.

Mitchell says he wants to be financially stable and sacrifice his life for the greater good and says he’s thankful for his family, friends and his support system along the way.

Sometimes we don’t know where our resources will come from, and it’s surreal. I really do appreciate all the help I’ve been getting over the past year,” says Mitchell

“Through all of the agony and turmoil I’ve been up against – just thinking about it – is there a reward for all of the pain? That’s the tears, and sometimes words can’t explain.”

Mitchell has been in active duty for 8 years and though he is fighting to serve our country already, he says he can’t wait to pay it forward.