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Lafayette Nail Salon Is Going Above and Beyond With Extra Protocols to Keep You Safe While Getting Your Nails Done During Pandemic

Nail salons in Lafayette are going above and beyond opening during phase one in Louisiana to keep their customers and employees safe.

Avalon Nails and Spa in Lafayette is taking extra precautions more than others in the effort to stop the spread.

At the spa’s door you’re asked to wear a mask at all times even as you walk into the business.

Tommy Tran owner of Avalon Nail and Spa says they’re doing everything they can to keep people safe before and when they sit in their chairs.

“It was very important you know for everybody to be safe and better for our guests to come back to be comfortable and come in and relax after a long time of layoffs,” said Tommy Tran, nail salon manager. “They can come in and enjoy the pedicures and manicures and stuff like that.”

So the new normal for a nail appointment looks a little different.

At Avalon Nails and Spa, the first thing you’re going to do coming through the door is get your temperature taken and you’ll head back to the back to wash your hands.

Then you’ll sign a contract that the salon has made taking your name and number and has a list of questions asking if you’ve been sick or possibly infected or have had any interaction with anyone.

“Just in case they have any symptoms or any COVID-19 so we can trackback who’s in that day and who was there with them and stuff like that,” said Tran.

After you sign the contract you’re able to pick your color and take a seat.

When you do sit back to relax, this salon is doing a little extra. There is a plexiglass rectangle separating you from the nail tech while they work on your toes and hands.

“I got this from Home Depot and we got a string and hang it from the ceiling,” said Tran. “That way we make it comfortable for our guests and our technicians”

So many people can come to get much needed TLC.

“I was way overdue since January,” said one customer.

She said she was able to relax knowing the salon is doing more than what’s required.

“I have a two-year-old at home and so I felt like I was able to come here and not have to second-guess bringing back anything to her at home,” said the customer.

That safety comes at a cost for the salon, but Tran says it’s completely worth it.

“It was pretty pricey to have them all,” said Tran. “The bigger the salon the more pricey it is going up. So yeah it’s a little pricey but it’s worth spent.”

He says money well spent helping stop the spread and getting things back to normal.

The salon says they are not doing walk-ins at this time. In order to keep a 25% capacity for the building, you have to make an appointment over the phone and they say they’ll try to find a time to get you in.


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