Lafayette Residents React to U.S. Stimulus Aid Package Bill

“I think it’s a good thing because of their coronavirus, because it has people losing their jobs, the unemployment rate is going to go up,” said Leroy Landor of Lafayette.

U.S congress worked hard over night to finalize the details of a stimulus relief package.

According to reports, this is the largest aid package ever passed by congress.

“The intent of it is to help rebound from this pandemic that we’re dealing with from a financial standpoint and to have an infusion of dollars into so many different markets and so many different areas,” said Louisiana state senator Gerald Boudreaux.

Of that 2 trillion dollars — 5 hundred billion will go toward hard hit industries and a comparable amount will be used for direct payments of up to $3,000 dollars a piece to U.S. families.

People like Landor said it’s a step in the right direction.

It won’t be the survivable approach, but it’s a lifeline to get people going just temporarily,” said Landor.

Boudreaux said while he and others learn more about the details of the bill, he’s thankful that help is on the way.

“We want to say kudos to congress first of all, and hopefully this will help to relieve some of the tension and some of the pressure,” said Boudreaux. “There’s just so many unknown questions out there, there’s no answers yet. So, while the ink is still drying on the bill, I can assure you that everyone is trying their best to move the needle and get this process started.”