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Lafayette Science Museum Exhibit Teaches About the Ocean Floor

It is a great time to learn about science at the Lafayette Science Museum.

Along with new exhibits the museum is hoping to provide a family-friendly experience where anybody can spend the day learning about how science impacts us here in Acadiana.

The museum’s newest exhibit which talks about different aspects of the ocean will be on display through spring.

Museum Director Kevin Krantz talks about what the exhibit aims to teach.

“This exhibit is called “In Search of Earth’s Secrets” and basically it is the story of some research vessels that went out across the world in the oceans and they pretty much painted a picture of the topography of the ocean floor.”

The exhibit which talks about underwater mountains, volcanoes, and other undersea features paints a picture of all things in the ocean we cant see.

According to Krantz, this exhibit highlights a very important part of the region that affects much of Acadiana.

“…The Shelf, the way that the waves hit, the tidal surge when a hurricane comes in. All of that is due to in part by the topography, the way that it is laid out. So, its hugely important to us because it affects us directly.”

Traveling from the ocean to the sky, the museum plans on opening it’s next exhibit focusing on Louisiana Weather and climate in the coming months.

“We’re currently working on a Louisiana weather exhibit. So we talked about how the Gulf of Mexico affects weather for us here. Well that is going to be far more specific. Talking about climate, weather; how climate change is effecting our coasts. So it is going to be really comprehensive.”