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Lafayette Science Museum Opens New Exhibit- in Search of Earth’s Secrets Explores the Mysteries of the Ocean Floor

Lafayette, LA – Lafayette Science Museum opens a new exhibit this Saturday, January 25. In Search of Earth’s Secrets explores the mysteries of the ocean floor. The exhibit includes six interactive kiosks and a giant floor map. Through the exhibit visitors will learn about geology under the sea, seafloor core samples, volcanoes, tsunamis and earthquakes, climate change and microfossils, mass extinction of the dinosaurs and life below the seafloor.

“It’s incredible to realize that we know more about the far-distant moon than we do about the deep oceans on our own planet,” said Kevin Krantz, director of Lafayette Science Museum. “This exhibit reveals what research scientists have discovered about what lies below all that water, which covers about 70 percent of our planet’s surface.”

In Search of Earth’s Secrets is an exhibit based on research from expeditions of the National Science Foundation-sponsored JOIDES Resolution, one of the world’s largest research ships and the flapship vessel for the International Ocean Discovery Program. The vessel is part of a multi-national research program dedicated to advancing scientific understanding of the Earth through drilling, coring and monitoring the sub-seafloor.

The research made possible by JOIDES Resolution and its scientific programs has provided key evidence for major scientific theories such as plate tectonics, extinction of the dinosaurs and the existence of life below the seafloor.

“Some of the major goals of the exhibit are to increase awareness of ocean and earth science and careers in those fields, to create a model for STEM learning and to increase interest in research activities, and to foster partnerships between educators and research scientists,” said Krantz.

Visit Lafayette Science Museum to see the new exhibit, which will be on display for the next six months. Join LSM on a mission of scientific discovery into the unknown. Find out what secrets about our planet’s development and ancient history can be revealed by the sediments and rocks below the oceans. Learn how these explorations can shed light on topics of great social relevance, like climate change, the huge biosphere beneath the seafloor and the effects of geo-hazards like earthquakes and tsunamis.

Lafayette Science Museum is a regional science center serving families, schools and visitors. By applying the latest technology to interactive experiences and immersive education, LSM promotes interest and inspires careers in science, technology, engineering and math.