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Lafayette Voters To Consider Rededicating Money From Library To Drainage And Parks And Rec

At the very bottom of the long ballot in Lafayette Parish, voters will decide whether to rededicate money from the library to drainage and parks and recreation.

The proposal aims to shift 10 million from the library, with 8 million going to drainage projects and the other 2 going to parks and rec.

“We built up these surpluses. Let’s use them in the best way possible.” said Lafayette Mayor-President Joel Robideaux.

Robideaux states the library has a $26 million dollar surplus and believes that some of that money could be used to make headway in tackling what he calls the parish’s biggest issue, drainage.

“For Issaac Verot coulee, Walker Road drainage, buying up land for retention and detention ponds. All of those options will be on the table.” said Mayor Robideaux.

However, Keith Guidry, Community Relations Coordinator for the Lafayette Parish Library points out the surplus is not $26 million, but actually $15.8 million.

“Back in early June, the city-parish council approved the expansion of from the north regional library and the building of the northeast library.” said Guidry.

Guidry explains the library could stand to lose 62 percent of its fund balance.

“It leaves the library’s future uncertain. Whenever we need to be able to respond to emergencies, to be able to respond to the community’s need and develop as the community needs us to. It really puts a hamper on things.” said Guidry.

Mayor Robideaux says by rededicating money from the Louisiana avenue extension and possibly the library, his administration has worked to provide as much money as possible for drainage.

“Hopefully the voters will see the wisdom in the proposal on the ballot to provide another 8 million on top of that which will allow for some significant work to be done.” said Mayor Robideaux.

The election is October 12th.