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Leadership Through Ragin’ Cajun Summer Workouts

Lafayette, LA (KADN) — The Ragin Cajuns football team is hitting the ground running with summer workouts. Coach Billy Napier encouraged his players to keep up with their cardio to stay in football running shape and they’ll catch up with the weight lifting now. The upside of missing spring practice is the players had to take their initiative to work hard amongst themselves.

“That may end up being a positive for our team,” Napier said. “We need to develop ownership and leadership at the player level and some the challenges that we’ve been through whether its quarantine or the dynamics or the social issues that we are working through all of these things have created adversity and it really has given us the opportunity to develop some leadership at the player level.”

Coach Napier says he feels really good about the team’s social distancing procedures. He took the time to call every player’s parent. They are rooming with the same players they are working out with.