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Learn About Latin American Culture At The Latin Music Festival

The Latin Music Festival has been happening in Lafayette for nearly 20 years. On their 17th year, they decided to do something a little different and collaborate with one of Acadiana’s most famous festival.

This year the Latin Music Festival and Festival International have teamed up to bring you a Latin American cultural extravaganza. The festival was already wonderful, but this year will be better than ever.

“Hola amigos! welcome to the Festival International Headquarters!”

The Latin Music Festival is back and this time it’s a collaboration.

“We’re just trying to build coalitions and work with different organizations, different non-profits and to do the best festival possible for the Acadiana people.” said Manuel Pena, Executive Director of Association Cultural Latino-Acadiana

“The Latin Music Festival was the perfect opportunity, our director, loves that festival and just saw the potential if we joined forces.” said Carly Viator, Marketing Coordinator with Festival International de Louisiane.

Festival International helped the Latin Music Festival with adding some lagniappe, helping with the programming, design and even implementing something popular with Festival International.

“The pin and the poster, you know that’s how you show your support, that’s how you keep the festival free.” said Carly.

The Latin Music Festival is something the whole family can enjoy and learn about the different Latin countries and embrace their cultures.

“There are over 20 Latin American countries in the world so and a lot of people don’t really know about that each different separate country has it’s own identity and culture so we try to bring all that in to the Lafayette area.” said Manuel.

October 5th will have a ton of Latin art, music and even food. There’s only a few more days until Lafayette goes Latin for a day and you might find Cajuns and Latin Americans have a lot in common.

“The Latin American culture is a very warm people, a very welcoming people just like the Cajun and creole culture we love to feed our people, have a good time.” said Manuel.

The festival kicks off on October 5th and while doors open at 11am in Parc International, there is a Zumba class that starts at 10am and the cost is just $5.

After the festival, there will be an after party held at legends. For more info or to purchase merchandise visit