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LGMC Achieves Level II Trauma Care Status, a First for Acadiana

LAFAYETTE – The ribbon was cut today for Lafayette General Medical Center’s “Level II” trauma center.

This designation establishes LGMC as the region’s most prepared destination for trauma related emergencies, which should translate to more lives saved.

“What are the chances of a construction crane falling on your car, one and a million? Well I was that one,” says Faye Harris, who knows all too well the importance of quality trauma care.

The care she received from the Lafayette General trauma center on September 25th, 2018 is the reason she is helping to honor the medical center’s designation as a “Level II” trauma center.

“This level two designation means that any trauma patient from the basin to the Texas border is treated at Lafayette General,” explains Lafayette General Health President David Callecod, FASCHE.

LGMC has been operating under the “Level I” designation since the program’s inception in 2015.

In order to be a “Level II” trauma center, the hospital is required to have:
– 24/7 coverage by a trauma surgeon
– 24/7 access to specialty and critical care physicians
– 24/7 on-call neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons
– 24/7 on-site anesthesia provider, surgical service team, and trauma trained nurses.

“The only difference between us and those level one centers are that the doctors are in house 24/7,” adds Callecod, “Ours are available within minutes.”

Each minute is precious time for those in desperate need of help.

Says Callecod, “It really represents that we’re providing the highest level of care in the entire region, and we’re able to keep patients – trauma patients – in our community that we weren’t able to before.”

Just ask Faye Harris.

“The best thing that happened to me on September 25th was that I was taken to Lafayette general medical center,” says the former trauma patient.

Since the trauma program began in September 2015, LGMC has seen nearly eight thousand trauma patients.