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LHSAA Has Contingency Plan for Football Season

Baton Rouge, LA (KADN) — The LHSAA executive meeting for the first time in person this morning. Executive director Eddie Bonine says they had to stay fluid to figure out a way to get the fall sports season started. However, they need a plan if the state is still in Phase Two of reopening instead of Phase Three.

“It depends on the timeline but the further we go past June or into July,” Bonine said. “Jamborees are in jeopardy, scrimmages are in jeopardy, but we have contingency plans in place. In areas where you have hurricanes, this precedent has been set before where just portions of the season have been played.”

This could mean making the best of a seven or eight-game regular season. Bonine insisted the LHSAA would not move back the state championship at the Super Dome. They would adjust the schedule instead to have the title games at the same time which could mean trimming down how many teams make the playoffs.