Little River Inn Restaurant in New Iberia to Close This Saturday

The Hurst Family, owners and operators of the landmark Poor Boy’s Riverside Inn Restaurant in Broussard have, for personal family reasons, decided it is time to part ways with their sister restaurant in New Iberia –Little River Inn.  Open since 1988, Little River has long been recognized as one of the top family eateries in New Iberia.  It is, by all measures, a successful operation.   Located in the original BF Trappey office building, it overlooks the famous Bernard F Trappey Oak, estimated to have been planted in 1630.“It wasn’t an easy decision to make,” states family patriarch, Richard Hurst, who took over the operation that started with his grandfather in 1932 as a snowball stand.  “Both Poor Boy’s Riverside Inn and Little River Inn have been in the family for many years.   If not for personal family reasons, we wouldn’t have even considered parting with Little River.  It’s popular, profitable, has an excellent location with private parking, great seafood, dedicated staff, and a solid regular customer base.  While the Hurst name may be on its official documents, we’ve always considered and treated our team, our customers, and the community as family.  Which is why, we’d like to offer ownership of the restaurant to those in and around the community of New Iberia.” The restaurant is offered as a turnkey, ready to go, complete with inventory, successful enterprise to any qualified person or persons interested in entering the restaurant industry in New Iberia.  Hurst notes the advantages as opposed to starting from scratch.  “The most difficult steps in starting a new restaurant are; securing a good location, building, equipment and furnishings.   All of those bases are covered here, from the get-go, in this situation. ” Again, for personal reasons, the Hurst Family would prefer to see the restaurant continue, under a new name with new ownership, in its current location.  Hurst concludes, “It’s a great opportunity for a local family, group of business people, or friends.  Rather than sell to an out-of-area, out-of-state, national chain or to close the doors, knowing that locals are at the helm does, in a way, keep it in the family. ” Those interested in acquiring Little River Inn Restaurant call:  337-837-4265 or Email Richard@Riverside.Restaurant Remember, Poor Boy’s Riverside Inn will remain in total operation at their Broussard/Lafayette location. Plans to take Riverside to an even greater level are being made.  Sadly, closing one door will give the Hursts the opportunity to open another by pursuing their dreams of adding outside dining, bigger banquet rooms for large parties, and much more. Stay tuned for the next chapter…we hope to see you soon!