Loaded With Relief: Louisiana Range Gun Club

Lafayette, LA (KADN) — Chad Veazey started Louisiana Range Gun Club once he got out of the oil field two years ago. He had to shut his doors at the beginning of April because business was too slow. A few weeks later, he reopened and the phones would not stop ringing because people wanted certain types of pistols and ammunition with all the pandemic uncertainty. Veazey is confident his customers come regardless for relief from everyday life.

“They come in and they use this place,” Chad Veazey said. “It’s just like going to the gym. It is therapy and they shoot and get their practice in and they love it. I have a customer that comes in every week its group therapy for him. You’ll find that with 90 percent of the customers. They have a good experience back here.”

Chad says he’ll try his best to get whatever guns and ammunition you need. He says he’s different from other gun ranges because he focuses on safety and the entire community.