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Local families’ travel concerns during measles outbreaks across the U.S.

Currently there are no confirmed cases of measles in Louisiana by the Centers for Disese Control and Prevention, but for vacationing families, it’s their worst nightmare.

“You can’t see a sickness you can’t see a germ so it’s like the worst fear.”

For the parents of an infant, a standard virus could be a nightmare, but with several measles outbreaks that fear is tested.

Whitney Good, is the mother of 11 month-old Julianna. She says, “Up until a year especially, there’s only so much she can be vaccinated for so I’m personally one of those parents that take the Lysol Wipes everywhere, wipes everything, hand sanitizer on her hands, constantly thinking about germs.”

Even though there isn’t a confirmed case of measles in Louisiana, for traveling parents it’s still concerning. Hearing at least six states are dealing with outbreaks and quarantines right now, that nightmare becomes reality.

Doctors are recommending vaccinations.

Dr. Frank Esper of Cleveland Clinic says, “The reason there’s only 700 cases opposed to 7,000 or 700,000 cases is because of the vaccine.”

But that doesn’t cover kids under one year old.

Jonathan Williams is the father of three month-old Major. Him and his wife travel with their kids often. “Two weeks ago we went to Oakland and that’s really close to L.A. so we were kind of worried but it was a quick trip we just went on a whim and he’s still healthy so we’re grateful for that.”

CDC reports L.A. county on a list of current ongoing measles outbreaks.

The Good family is taking the same risk as the Williams. Their daughter is just two weeks away from her first birthday, but her pediatrician isn’t making any exceptions.

Whitney Good says, “We’re going to be traveling to Tennessee before then. Tennessee has had an outbreak of measles already. I asked her doctor if she can get her vaccine early and unfortunately she can’t get it before her first birthday.”

So what are some local parents doing in the meantime? They’re staying in close contact with their child’s doctor and constantly researching.

Williams says, “For parents I feel like it’s best we stay educated stay in the know.”

CDC says as of April 26, 2019 the more than 700 cases is the greatest number of cases reported in the U.S. in 25 years. They also mention this year’s outbreaks are linked to travelers who brought measles back from other countries where large outbreaks are occurring. CDC is suggesting getting vaccinated against measles especially before traveling internationally.