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Local Group Pushes For Minimum Wage Control

The launch of Unleashed Local’s Lafayette Chapter wasn’t stopped by severe weather earlier this evening.  The community organization advocates for new state legislation.

The chapter’s goal is to allow local government control over minimum wages instead of the state.

Unleashed Local Representative Ronnie Martin says minimum rage needs to be raised.

“We are here today to rally, to try to get the local government here to take control of the minimum wage.  Raise minimum wage to a living wage”

UL Lafayette Business Economist says there are other options the state should explore.

“Minimum wage is not the only way that we can provide some finical support to low income individuals and families. You can do that through something similar to the Federal Earned Income Tax Credit. In fact, research suggest that’s probably a better approach to do that.”

Unleashed Local now has chapters in every major city throughout the state of Louisiana.

The New Orleans City Council also wants to set its own mandatory minimum wage for workers in the crescent city.

The council on Thursday unanimously passed a resolution calling for the state to allow local governments to set their own minimum pay wage. A bill up for consideration this session would do just that, although it’s unlikely to pass the republican-controlled legislature. Current state law bars local municipalities from setting their own minimum wage.

In his session-opening speech Monday, Governor John Bel Edwards said he wants to raise the current $7.25 minimum wage, to $9 dollars an hour.