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Local Organization Plans to Revitalize Native Plants and Trees Across Acadiana

With help from a new grant, The Bayou Vermillion Preservation Association and their partners, have mapped out eight different areas across Acadiana that could use a bit more trees. Phase two of their project took them to Freetown Heritage park.

“This is our future and we’re all coming together to better the environment in a way that many people don’t think about doing,” ​said volunteer Sally Dang.

For Ameri Corps members Sally Dang and Destiny Burks giving back to their community has been rewarding.​

Destiny said, “We actually enjoyed ourselves! I mean we were hands-on we got to actually do it and not watch it it just feels good.”​

However, what seems like a small act, leaves long a lasting impact on the environment. ​Heather Warner-Finley and Amber Robinson, both board members with Bayou Vermillion Preservation agree restoring trees and reintroducing native plants will have have nothing but positive impacts in our area​.

Warner-Finley said, “And our goal really is to reach out to the community and educate them about the values of planting trees and the value of planting native plants.”​
“These plants can help reduce the load of water that goes into the Vermilion River, and you can do this at your house which is the neatest thing about this. You don’t have to just come out and do this you know for these events, so we’re promoting that you learn how to do these things and then empower yourself to go back home and do them on your own little piece of grass,”​ said Robinson.

Even though it’s not the most glamorous task, both Sally and Destiny say they’ll be back to plant more trees and to see their saplings grow.​

“To see that it’s growing today and knowing that I will be as big and bright as these it makes us excited to come back to see,”​said Robinson.
If you missed todays tree planting dont worry you have six more chances to participate. For the future dates you can click here.