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Local painter warns others against digital home improvement marketplace

HomeAdvisor, based in Colorado, connects homeowners across the country with nearby professionals who can help with home improvement and remodeling.

Well a local painter is warning others to do their research before you get into business with them.

“The way it was set up you look at the tv and they have a commercial, HomeAdvisor and it looks legit and then you think well I don’t need to call Better Business Bureau.”

Darryl Rabassa didn’t think twice when HomeAdvisor first called him during their slow season in the beginning of this year. “He said it costs you about $300 to start and he says after that depending on the leads it costs you so much for a lead I said not a problem.”

Rabassa says he agreed to a contract over the phone and within a week got a text about a local needing a paint job.  HomeAdvisor sent him a number with an extension.

“I call the extension and didn’t get an answer. Well I say it might of been around lunch time and lets try again so I called again and I don’t get a answer and I continue calling and I continue calling.”

The same thing happened the next day with a new lead.

Rabassa says, “I check my billing account with my credit card and I notice I’m getting charged for these leads which I’m not having any response from. So I call him within two months into the process.”

Rabassa says he ran into problems getting his money back but hasn’t been charged since. Then he realized he wasn’t the only one with concerns.

“It just so happens I come and another job and I meet a colleague and he says the same thing he says ‘Darryl it’s unbelievable I get leads every day could not contact them and all they do was charge me.”

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