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Local Shrimpers Optimistic For The Shrimp Season

We are two weeks into shrimp season and shrimp boats are hitting the water.

For local shrimpers like Albert Granger, selling out early is getting easier.

“It’s a great feeling.” said Granger, “Time to go back and catch some more shrimp.”

But, when the season started two weeks ago, shrimp was hard to catch.

“It’s been pretty grim up until this point.” said Granger, “I think with all of the fresh water that we had it slowed the growth of the shrimp down.”

“They’re getting pretty right now, Barry came through and kind of messed things up a little bit.”said Delcambre Shrimper, Timothy Joseph.

“I actually thought Barry was gonna do us some good, but where he came through it pushed a lot of fresh water from the Atchafalaya here.” said Granger, “I don’t know if the shrimp buried or disappeared but it slowed down for a while you know.”

Post Barry all that was caught in the shrimp nets were small shrimp and there weren’t many of them. Now shrimpers say the shrimp they’re catching are real pretty and a fairly good size.

“16/20 count shrimp and 36/40’s” said Grainger.

“Right now the shrimp are gonna start getting bigger up until a certain point.” said Joseph, “Up until Halloween then they start getting smaller. I’ve seen up until Thanksgiving you know still catching good shrimp.”

As their nets get fuller, these shrimpers are hoping the season keeps on getting better.

“I’m hoping it turns out great.”said Granger, “I’m hoping they grow a couple of counts the next few weeks.”

“I think it will be a pretty good season.” said Joseph, “I think because we got a lot of small shrimp in the bayou and as time goes on and as long as we don’t have bad weather. We have some stuff coming across the Gulf next week, it’s not supposed to be bad and if it’s not it can do us some real good”

Shrimp season ends in December.