Local Stores Busy With Mardi Gras Rush

It’s Mardi Gras season and many stores around town are really busy including places like Beads Galore.

The rush is on

It’s all year long preparing for it, making sure everything is where it needs to be and when you get those big rushes coming in, but we’ve been doing this for 20 years so we kind of got this figured out,” said Joey Dominque.

From beads to throws, Beads Galore co-owner Joey Dominque is always excited to see the rush from the season.

He says many things have changed from 20 years ago when he first opened.

“We’ve seen Mardi Gras grow in the years past and every year it just evolved and got better and better,” said Dominque.

Now for 2020 many last minute Mardi Gras goers are out trying to find the latest trends to stand out.

“Me and my friends came over here to get some beads for the church point parade this weekend,” said shopper Beau Perrodin. “We plan on going and having a good time. We go for like goofy, and like funny and something that catches the people’s eyes.”

“They’re more into light up items and more toys,” said Dominque. “People are trending away from beads, so to speak and wanting more stuffed animals, and toys.”

Dominque says while trends are changing, many krewes still spend a hefty penny on krewe budgets.

“About $200,000, it’s a very big business,” said Dominque. “It’s over a million pounds of beads that are probably sold in the Lafayette area.”

Beads Galore as well as other shops in the area even have special hours during Mardi Gras so even at the last minute, you can be decked out and ready to enjoy.

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