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Local Woman Prioritizes Her Mother’s Heart Health After Second Heart Attack

Heart Disease is the number one killer of people in the U.S. Here in Louisiana, the number of people with heart disease has increased by 16% last year alone. We sat down with one woman who knows this killer disease well, but with the help of doctors and caregivers through Right at Home, she’s tackling it head on.

“It’s hard to see them in this situation,” said Carol Ann Lukes.

Carol Ann Lukes’ mother and father both need caregivers 24/7. Mr. Lukes’ has dementia, while Mrs. Lukes’ has a history of cardiac issues.

Carol Ann sais, “It didn’t come by mother and daddy fallen on the ground with a heart attack but it’s here.”

In January of 2019, Caroline’s mother spent sometime in the hospital. She was in a fib and congestive heart failure. Dispite medication, one year to the date, the same thing happened but this time it was different.

“My mother said oh my eye is bothering me but, its’ when she couldn’t see out of it, that was a whole lot different. The heart, the congestive heart failure,was actually going on. Then that led to the hemorrhage in the eye and then yesterday she had a mini stroke.”
“Every 40 seconds someone is dying of a heart related illness,” said Jennifer Eisler.

Jennifer Eisler and the Right at Home team, work around the clock to ensure patients like the Lukes’ receive the care they need to improve their quality of life.

“A lot of our clients, even if they come to us with let’s just say dementia, they also have heart disease. So high blood pressure, swelling in the feet, some of them are past smokers, so that adds another layer of care,” said Jennifer.

With heart disease being the leading cause of death in the U.S., Jennifer and Carol Ann have taken steps to improve their heart health.

Jennifer said, “It definitely motivates me to eat better, don’t smoke, limit alcohol intake, move around more.”
“I do all the medical things I can do, and then I do mindful eating. I know when I’m eating something that isn’t good for me and my heart is my most important organ,” said Carol Ann.

After a few heart attack scares in the past, Carol Ann not only put her health first, but her prioritizes her parents heart health too.

Carol Ann adds, “Don’t let any symptom run its course. See about it, check about it, just care for your parents don’t quit on them.”

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