Local Youngsville Company Helps Businesses to Fully Sanitize and Create New Protocols to Keep Areas Safe During the Covid-19 Pandemic

As Louisiana moves into phase 1 with businesses, restaurants, salons, and gyms finally opening their doors some customers are ready to get back to normal while others are hesitant with the virus still here.

That’s why some businesses are hoping to ease those worries with extra sanitization and extra precautions.

Sugar Mill Athletic Club is one of those businesses that is using the help of a local Youngsville business that takes the disinfecting to a whole new level.

For many gyms, closing their doors for a couple of months has been a struggle.

“It’s been trying but we’re through it and we’re ready to reopen. “

With Gyms opening up this weekend Nathan Pry owner of Sugar Mill athletic club says he wanted to make sure it will be safe for all his members to come back.

“You know I have a lot of members that are at higher risk and higher age demographic so I have to be very careful,” said Pry.

That’s why he teamed up with the Youngsville company Industrial Safety Solutions Recovery to help his gym stay clean during this pandemic.

“We built this business specifically for this event,” said Ray Flores president of Industrial Safety Solutions Recovery.

Flores says Industrial Safety Solutions-Recovery has relied on their decades of experience as innovators in the safety industry to develop a user-friendly protocol, using an EPA-approved biocide containing chlorine dioxide to disinfect interior spaces and then train occupants to maintain interior spaces to be safe and free from dangerous germs, viruses, and bacteria. 

Flores says they focus on disinfecting and creating new standards for businesses to stay clean even after they leave.

“It’s not about whether it will or not kill the virus most of the products, in fact, all the products out there can definitely do that,” said Flores. “Question is how are you applying them? How frequently are you applying them? Are you aware of the high touchpoints? Where I touch something then you come behind me and you touch it a day later and you contract the virus but that I left there. Maybe I am asymptomatic. That’s the risk.”

ISS-Recovery has created a protocol referencing rigorous federal standards and guidelines. They have developed a gold-standard method of coronavirus remediation processes relying on science and behavioral science to help business owners and the working class get back to work and to do so in a safe environment. 
ISS-R will offer businesses that use their remediation process and ongoing protocol techniques an “ISS-R Clean Seal” to display, assuring clients that those businesses are continuing to keep a clean environment. 

First, ISS-R collaborates with the site owner or person in charge, then executes a plan by carefully applying the substance on every available surface. 

To kill the bacteria the company uses a biocide chlorine dioxide with an electrostatic sprayer.

“It’s safe for people plants pets I feel comfortable spraying this without any protection,” said Jim Simon, while he was spraying the gym. “It makes the particles in such a state that’s able to clean and wrap around whatever Is being sprayed.”

After spraying everything the company gets the touch spots and stays and whiles them down again.

“We’re talking about everything we touch,” said Simon. “The handles, the buttons whatever people may put their hands on. Depending on what’s being killed within 10 minutes everything’s kind of dead.”

Flores says even more important than disinfecting is having a plan once they’re gone. “With the spraying comes access to consulting and educational resources,” Flores said. “We’ll teach families how to keep their homes safe and businesses the same. Using the ISS-R method, services, and training, employees in a restaurant or other establishment will be able to keep a location clean and safe.” 

This extra protection is giving Pry some comfort that his gym can be a safe place for others.

“They’re trusting the facility to do all that they can do,” said Pry. “So I have left no stones unturned and neither have they. I feel comfortable and confident in opening my doors and letting people come back and have fun.”

Some of those protocols that are going to be in place at this gym are that every other machine is going to be turned off, there are actual social distancing lines on the floor and there will be enough bottles and paper towels for everyone to use the entire time while working out.

For more information about ISS-R you can go to