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Locals shocked after Lafayette Mayor-President Robideaux will not seek re-election

Friday Lafayette politics experienced a shake-up when Mayor-President Joel Robideaux announced he is not seeking re-election in the fall.

Whether it’s a Lafayette Consolidated Government staff or the local political community. This announcement is a plot twist they didn’t see coming, even for the now lone-standing mayor-president candidate.

Robideaux says, “I have done what I was elected to do and have decided to not seek re-election this fall.”

A moment no one would predict.

Christie Maloyed, is associate professor of political science, UL Lafayette. She says, “There was an audible gasp including people who work for LCG who had no idea this was coming.”

Carlee Alm-LaBar, is the only candidate for mayor president, “Mayor-president Robideaux has been a public figure for this community for 15 years he served the state and local government really well for that time so you know I think we all were a little bit shocked.”

Mayor-president Joel Robideaux wouldn’t take any questions which leaves all of us wondering why.

Maloyed says, “It’s been a difficult time to preside over both the city and the parish especially as the transition has been voted on to partially deconsolidate. It might not be any one thing as much as it is accumulation of small things and a chance for him to take a rest perhaps.”

But what does that mean for the fall election and Alm-LaBar’s campaign?

Alm-LaBar says, “The campaign really doesn’t change and the issues facing Lafayette doesn’t change just the landscape of the election.”

Maloyed says, “Robideaux had a lot of name recognition I think that maybe scared away other potential challengers now we may see more people showing willingness to enter this race.”
As for Mayor-President Robideaux, he says, “I will always love Lafayette, be one of its greatest ambassadors when called upon.”

Robideaux says he plans to finish out the 9 months left in his term with the same dedication, he’s put in thus far.