Louisiana Cardiovascular and Limb Salvage Club Offers Free Covid-19 Test for Everyone Even Those With No Symptoms

Testing for COVID 19 hasn’t been available to everyone across the state especially if you weren’t showing any symptoms, but months after the coronavirus’s presence first was confirmed in Louisiana anyone in Lafayette can get tested for the virus for free even if you’re feeling just fine.

Tuesday afternoon in the Allie-Patlola Medical Center’s parking lot nurses and doctors administered COVID 19 tests free to anyone who showed up no matter where they’re from or if they weren’t feeling bad.

To make this free Louisiana CLI and Limb Salvage Club is working with Love Our Schools, LCG, State Department of Health, Kisbaugh Construction and the National Black Nurses Association to raise money and awareness to continue to do free drive through to test more people.

“We need to test more people,” said Cardiovascular Dr. David Emmit Allie MD with Louisiana CLI and Limb Salvage Center. “We need to know who has the disease and we need to then they need to be traced.”

 Dr. Allie says in order to get a better idea of cases he says testing should be available to everyone whether you feel sick or not.

“We know that the asymptomatic are the primary carriers who are populating this,” said Dr. Allie. “That’s the way the sneaky virus

Many of the people in line were those who have no symptoms or reasons to have the virus but were curious to know so they didn’t bring it home to their loved ones or spread it to others.

A task force put together by the  Louisiana CLI and Limb Salvage Club is focusing on two things the first one is testing to give people more awareness and hopefully stop the spread.

Other than testing the task force is also focusing on is the disparity of COVID 19 on the African American population worldwide.

Louisiana CLI and Limb Salvage Club is the first club in Louisiana dedicated to critical limb ischemia and limb salvage, focusing on educating healthcare professionals on minimally invasive procedures and surgeries that are the safest and most efficient for their patients. The group has leaders in vascular disease diagnosis and treatment and their mission is to educate fellow health care professionals on alternative limb saving options that allow our patients to avoid amputation.

Dr. Allie says many of them see disparities in their practices when it comes to many diseases and this virus has been the tipping point of the iceberg bringing it all to light.

“We’ve seen this for over 50 years in the cardiovascular system,” said Dr. Allie. “The African-American population has always been more prone to this.”

With no vaccine yet Dr. Allie says they have to do something.

“This is what we can do today with that first step, that is no cost testing,” said Dr. Allie.
“Free testing, sharing of disparity information and giving PPE it’ll make people more aware. We want to help our community.”

The group plans to help others do testing drive-through like this one in other parishes to help those in more rural parts.

The free testing will be held every Tuesday and Thursday 1:00pm to 4:00pm and Friday 9:00am to 12pm at the Allie-Patlola Medical Center’s parking lot on 901 Wilson Street.

The testing is no cost but an ID and insurance card is required go through. The test takes 30 hours and the nurses will call you with those results.